Mantis X Shooting Performance Systems

Mantis X Shooting Performance Systems

The MantisX Shooting Performance System is a revolutionary device that will help train you to be more accurate, whether you're live firing, dry firing, training, etc. Install Mantis X on the accessory rail of any firearm, connect to your Android or iOS via Bluetooth 4.0 and the MantisX app, and start collecting data to evaluate shooting performance, identify areas of improvement, and track progress over time. The Mantis X Smart Training System offers 3 modes of feedback, a score calculated on how much your sighted position moved during the trigger pull, the direction of your barrel movement during the trigger pull, and suggestions based on the previous data that could improve your shooting mechanics. Data is displayed in many convenient ways including direction and magnitude of shots as well as patterns of movement in groups of shots, a shot-by-shot analysis, and a detailed trace of your shots including the hold/sighting, trigger pull, and shot breaking with recoil pattern.

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