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1" x 2" Target Holder

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1" x 2" Target Holder

The 1" x 2" Target Holder is designed to attach to a PT Static stand, an PT Practice Stand, or directly to the feet of a PT Static stand.


How are the 1" x 2" wood strips attached?: The wood strips are clamped into place on the base. The clamps also allow you to adjust the angle of the wood strips to accommodate wider targets.

Can I use 2" x 2" wood strips with this target holder?: No. The target holder's clamps are not designed for 2" x 2" wood strips. 1" x 2" is the ideal dimension.

How long should my wood strips be?: You can have wood strips as long as you want. Typically, they are sold in 8' lengths, but 4' or 5' wood strips are the most common lengths used for target practice.

What's my next best option to a staple gun when attaching targets?: If you don't want to mess with staples and staple guns, large binder clips work great to attach paper and cardboard targets to the 1" x 2" wood strips.

Is the 1" x 2" Target Holder armor steel?: No. The 1" x 2" Target Holder is made of mild steel and is not designed to withstand the force of a direct hit from a bullet.