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Cyalume 15" ChemLight IMPACT with 2 end rings - case of 20 sticks, (4 packs each containing 5 sticks), unfoiled

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Cyalume 15" ChemLight IMPACT with 2 end rings - (20 EA), (4 packs each containing 5 sticks), unfoiled

ChemLight brand light sticks are standard issue for U.S. military and law enforcement personnel around the globe. IMPACT emergency light sticks don’t require typical breaking and shaking to activate – instead, simply toss the light stick to flood an area with light. This simple and covert activation method makes IMPACT light sticks ideal for tactical operators. These ChemLights provide bright, reliable, 360-degree illumination for up to 12 hours.

The White ChemLight is so bright it can be seen from up to a mile away – so you’ll have no problem illuminating small rooms, passages, trails and camps with just a single light stick. ChemLight is waterproof, non-toxic and non-flammable. Each White IMPACT ChemLight measures 15” long, 20 sticks per pack. Each light stick is individually foil-wrapped for protection from light and moisture and boasts a four-year guaranteed-to-work shelf life from date of manufacture. ChemLight meets Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) specifications. National/NATO Stock Numbers (NSN) are printed on each product for reference.
  • ChemLight military grade Yellow, Red, White, InfraRed, HI Orange and Blue light sticks for providing illumination for up to 12 hours
  • Measures 15" long and provides 360 degrees of illumination
  • Meets military specifications
  • Chemiluminescent substance is non-toxic and plastic body is phthalate free for safety
  • Four-year shelf life from date of manufacture for a maintenance-free alternative to other lighting


9-87090PF Green CASE 6260-01-341-8709 12 Hour
9-87110PF Yellow CASE 6260-01-341-8711 12 Hour
9-87100PF Blue CASE 6260-01-341-8710 8 Hour
9-87120PF Red CASE 6260-01-341-8712 12 Hour
9-87150PF Orange-HI CASE 6260-01-341-8715 5 Min
9-87130PF White CASE 6260-01-341-8713 8 Hour
9-87140PF Infrared CASE 6260-01-341-8714 3 Hour