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2 Pack - A-Zoom Snap Cap Firearms Training Dummy Rounds

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2 Pack - Lyman A-Zoom Snap Cap Firearms Training Dummy Rounds

  • A-Zoom Rifle precision rifle snap caps are a perfect tool for adjusting and tuning your trigger pull.
  • In addition, they help with offhand dry firing and smooth bolt cycling practice.
  • Use A-Zoom Snap Caps for training new shooters on how to handle and fire a rifle.

Ideal for training, working firearm action and dry firing.

  • Snap Caps allow safe dry firing while protecting firing pin, sear and trigger.
  • Excellent for firearms safety and storage.
  • Dry Fire Dummy Rounds are made of tough plastic exterior with solid brass base.
  • Use snap caps for safety training and function testing.
  • Buy your snap caps to protect the firing pin for your shotgun, pistol or revolver.