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AGM HD Recorder (works with ASP 336/640, Cobra 336/640, Python 336/640, Anaconda 336/640, Protector, Explorator, Secutor, Victrix)

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1) Install SD card into the recorder.
2) Connect the recorder to the video signal source with the help of the cable included.
3) Activate the recorder with the long press on the button. The green light-emitting diode should light up. In 10 second the diode will become bright blue. It means that the recorder is ready for operation.
4) To begin the record, press the button shortly, the blue diode will begin pulsing.
5) To stop the record press the diode shortly again, the blue diode should stop pulsing.
6) To deactivate the recorder, provide the long press on the button. The light emitting diode should be turn off.
7) When the battery is discharged the blue light emitting diode will begin pulsing and changing the color.
8) To charge the recorder you need to connect it to the Smartphone charger with the help of standard USB (micro USB) cable. The red light emitting diode should light up near the button. If the battery is charged, the diode will be turn off.