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AmeriGlo Haven, Red Dot, 5 MOA Dot, RMR Footprint, Includes AmeriGlo Glock Optic Compatible Iron Sights (GL-524), Black HVN04

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The AMERIGLO Haven is designed for everyday reliability" for everyday carry" in any environment. Defending your family and your home requires 24/7 reliability" immediate target acquisition" intuitive controls" and innovative electronics you can trust to work every time. Also" the HAVEN is guaranteed to survive continuous firing and recoil from today's harshest handguns and is compatible with today's most common IWB/OWB holsters. The Haven Carry-Ready Combo comes equipped with a set of AMERIGLO optic-compatible iron sights for GLOCK pistols (GL-524) to provide the optimum sight picture when paired with the Haven optic as a convenient" out-of-the-box solution for the GLOCK MOS