Hydra-Ram II Hydraulic Breach Tool

Hydra-Ram II Hydraulic Breach Tool

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Hydra-Ram II Hydraulic Breach Tool

The Hydra-Ram II Entry Tool is the first and only one piece integrated hydraulic forcible entry tool.

  • There are no hoses or auxiliary pumps.
  • Whole unit fits in the hands of the user.
  • Weighs 13 lbs. and is 15 inches long.
  • The Hydra-Ram II has a maximum thrust opening of 6 INCHES.
  • 10,000 lbs. of force is acquired at 138 lbs. of pressure at the handle.
  • This is accomplished in just 8 strokes.
  • Superior quality, uses triplex quality aircraft seals and jaws of special stainless steel with 220,000 tensile strength.
  • Comes standard with a mallet and heavy duty Corduroy bag.
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