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LawMate Body Worn Surveillance Camera Kit

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LawMate Body Worn Surveillance Camera Kit

Features Three Unique Hidden Cameras, a DVR and All Accessories Kit Allows for Both Remote View Video and Locally StoRed, Secure Footage All Elements Come Housed in a Portable, Durable Custom Case

  • LawMate High-End Sunglasses DVR Camera
  • LawMate Handheld Wi-Fi HD DVR W/Button HD Cam
  • LawMate Wireless Remote
  • LawMate Dual Battery Charger
  • LawMate Key Chain HD DVR Camera
  • LawMate Rechargeable 7-Hour Battery Pack
  • Durable Carry Lockable Hard Case

Multiple Ways to Record Pro, Covert Video in the Field

For outfitting law enforcement agents or retail loss professionals in the field, there is no greater tool than the Body Worn Camera Kit. 

Featuring stylish hidden camera glasses, a button camera with a portable, remote-view DVR, a hidden camera keychain, as well as rechargeable battery packs and two 32GB microSD cards - this kit provides three unique ways to record.

The DVR glasses provide HD 720p video without arousing any suspicion from a subject. 

Perfect for law enforcement capturing evidence of a crime, or a retail loss professional investigating potential theft in a business setting, these completely covert glasses make hands-free video as easy as possible.

The LawMate Handheld WiFi HD DVR Camera Kit includes an internet-connected DVR and plug-and-play button camera. 

Record on-the-go footage, streamed live via WiFi for remote surveillance operations. Or, use the DVR's onboard storage capabilities to capture local footage for later review. Full 1080p resolution ensures the highest quality video possible. This kit also includes a remote adapter that allows you to begin recording remotely with the push of a button.

This pro-grade kit also includes LawMate Key Fob HD DVR Camera: A tiny, push-button recorder disguised as a standard key fob. Capture full HD video and slip the device back into your pocket for easy portability.

All of these devices, as well as a dual battery charger, two 32GB SD cards, and a 7-hour battery pack come deliveRed in a sleek, portable durable custom case. Ideal for transporting devices to any location, or outfitting law enforcement agents in the field, this kit makes covert evidence gathering on the go effective and efficient.