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One-Handed Less Lethal Target System Kit

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One-Handed Less Lethal Target System

  • Our One-Hand Target System includes a lightweight stand that has been specifically designed to improve portability and drastically Reduce weight while maintaining the integrity expected from this product.
  • Constructed with powder coated Telsbar steel tubing this stand is designed to be assembled without nuts, bolts, or tools of any kind.
  • The One-Hand Target System includes our unequaled less lethal ammunition target and lightweight hanging hardware, creating the finest target system available on the market.
  • The stand is bundled for easy transportation to anywhere you train with less lethal ammunition.
  • The bundle is approximately 47 inches long and weighs about 35 pounds.
  • The system can be set up in one minute and is 80 inches tall when assembled.
  • The target weighs 15 pounds so that the entire stand system weighs 50 pounds.
  • Two grass stakes are included to stabilize the system in heavy wind conditions.