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Portable Bullet Trap Rubber Panel Replacement

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Portable Bullet Trap Rubber Panel Replacement

Rubber Fascia Replacement
  • Rubber fascia generally needs to be replaced according to the number of rounds within a shot grouping area.
  • Rubber fascia should be replaced if there is a visible hole in the rubber or if steel is exposed.
  • Rubber fascia should be replaced if there are reports of splatter impacting the shooter or bullet fragments resurfacing after entering the rubber.

When used in conjunction with MATCH shoot house training,

Portable Bullet Traps:
  • Can be quickly positioned anywhere in the MATCH, allowing for less predictable engagement areas than wall mounted targets
  • extend the operating life of MATCH walls
  • Reduce the recommended frequency of routine inspections
NOTE: Portable Bullet Traps are mandatory if the MATCH fascia type is plywood without gravel. They are recommended with all other MATCH fascia types.

Key Features
  • 1/2” thick AR500 impact plate
  • 2” thick rubber fascia to contain splatter and allow for a direct target mounting location
  • Stands at 6’ tall
  • 45” x 25” target surface
  • No exposed bolts or brackets in the target zone
Two Wheel options:
  • A. Larger ”off road” wheel (uneven surfaces)
  • B. Smaller wheel with brass guard for ease of operation (flat concrete only)
  • Convenient dump tray for collecting spent lead and jackets