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Sig Sauer KILO5K HD, Rangefinder, Monocular, 7X25mm, Flat Dark Earth, Circle with Milling Grid Reticle SOK5K705

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Sig Sauer KILO5K HD, Rangefinder, Monocular

The KILO5K HD 7x25mm laser rangefinder has a simplified user interface but it is anything but simple in performance. With a reflective range of 5000 yards, and a range on deer of 2000 yards, the KILO5K HD has impressive performance. An array of performance enhancing technologies is standard on the KILO5K HD. Applied Ballistic Data Exchange, BDX, lets you link your rangefinder with low-energy/long-range Bluetooth 5.x devices such as Kestrel, Garmin, and Sig Sauer optics. The organic light emitting diode display provides all the information you need such as range to target, elevation holdover and wind holds. Onboard environmental sensors provide real-time ballistic calculation. As lighting conditions change, the display brightness changes automatically. If you are looking for a range finder with incredible capability the KILO5K HD is what you need.